Snow Day

Like much of the country, New Haven is enjoying a dose of winter from the storm dubbed Pax right now.  If you're looking for something to do from inside (other than study, of course), here are a few ideas to keep you busy:

  • Cook something from scratch.  When the weather is bad and classes/extra-curriculars get canceled, use that extra time in the kitchen!  Maybe you've been meaning to try out a new recipe, or just learn something more advanced than scrambled eggs.  Either way, this is the time to do it.  If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth without going too crazy, think about trying some of these healthy cookie recipes.  
  • Speaking of sweets, how about making snow ice cream?  Or snow cones with fresh fruit?  Dessert is now in your backyard!  (Just make sure that it is fresh, clean snow.)
  • Going stir-crazy?  Having a hard time getting your workout in if the gym is closed?  There are plenty of exercises you can do at home, even if you have zero equipment.  Check out Fitness Blender, one of my favorite websites.  They offer hundreds of different workouts, varying in style and intensity level, and they are 100% free.  Whether you're looking for a 15 minute pilates/yoga blend, or a 90 minute HIIT/strength training/abs combination, you can find something to help you burn off that extra energy.
  • Catch up on sleep!  Maybe you feel guilty taking a nap or going to bed early, but sleeping will actually help your productivity in the long run, along with benefiting both your physical and mental health.  So go ahead and snuggle under the blanket - your body will thank you for it!

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